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After all the time and hard work in the studio...WE ARE FINISHED!!! “DJ TYME & NATHAN SCOT: A Mash Up, Smash Up, Mix Up Full-Length DJ Mix” features 18 original mash ups produced by; DJ TYME aka TYME aka ENTYME & NATHAN SCOT aka EN aka ENTYME!!! We are now in the process of getting the CD replicated and within a matter of weeks we will have a full length DJ mix ready to give away FREE to everyone!!! The entire album will be available for download/stream Saturday May 1, 2010 (DJ TYME’s Birthday) and the CD will be released Saturday May 22, 2010 when yours truly DJ TYME & NATHAN SCOT play a feature set at Bootie SF (DNA Lounge/San Francisco, CA)

 * The first mash up hit single from the new CD “La Kernkraft” featuring LMFAO “La La La” vs Zombie Nation “Kernkraft 400” will be leaked right here Friday April 2, 2010!!!

dj tyme nathan scot finn mc cools website launch party

So the website is finally finished and is LIVE! Most important, there's almost 2 hours of music available to download and stream (by the way, the music player remembers where you left off if you click to a new page).  Plus most pages have commenting and sharing features built in, and make sure to check out the cool photo gallery.  We'll be adding more mash ups  and more new features all the time, so stay tuned.

*** Be sure to check out the " Website Launch Party" @ Finn McCool's with DJ TYME mixing the music and NATHAN SCOT mashing the videos Saturday March 6th, 2010!

Bootie San Francisco February 2010 Flyer

We're excited to announce that DJ TYME & NATHAN SCOT have been selected as featured performers at BOOTIE SF on Saturday May 22nd, 2010! DJ TYME will be spinning all our original mash ups and NATHAN SCOT will take over the three giant video screens at DNA Lounge with a live VJ set. Mark your calendars now, this is gonna be an amazing party.

*** This is the official CD release party for "DJ TYME & NATHAN SCOT: A Mash Up, Smash Up, Mix Up Full-Length DJ Mix” featuring all our original mash up productions that we have completed over the past year. What does this mean? Hundreds of free CD’s for all! Email us for guest list.

DJ Tyme Nathan Scot Finn Mc Cools CD leak Birthday party

Come party with us @ Finn Mc Cool’s on Saturday May 1, 2010, as we celebrate the release of DJ TYME & NATHAN SCOT’s new album..."DJ TYME & NATHAN SCOT: A Mash Up, Smash Up, Mix Up Full-Length DJ Mix" before it's officially released on May 22, 2010!

Since it isn't "officially" released and we are technically not allowed to pass it out, we are going to leak the whole album onto the internet! All party peoples in attendance will receive the address of where you can bootleg the entire album! Shh...don’t tell anyone!

*** Join us as we celebrate and party extra hard for FOUR BIRTHDAYS!!! (DJ TYME, Debbie, Amanda, and Johnny)...Oh you know it's gonna be crazy!

dj tyme nathan scot studio

After completing about a dozen mash ups over the past year we head to the studio. Late nights, sheltered from the outside world, our goal in the studio is within two months to complete about a dozen more mash ups, cherry pick through our library, and put them together into a full length DJ mix album. We've learned a lot over the past year and have had a decent amount of success with our productions, it'll be fun to see what comes of it!

*** Plans for a new website, CD release party, and other big things are underway. Stay connected for updates!