DJ Tyme aka Doug of Entyme on Real World Ex-Plosion

It's a #teamDOUG takeover on MTV's Real World Ex-Plosion.

#teamdoug on E!'s The Soup

#teamdoug on VH1's Best Week Ever

Entyme - "Really Awesome Mashups"

#teamDOUG Twitter love Check out a smattering of the most memorable randos in "Real World" history.

#teamDOUG's awesome fans

Ashley of Real World Ex-Plosion interview on Bus Driver's Route - her take on "the infamous Doug" - at 15m 17s

Talking 'Real World' With Frank Sweeney of Real World San Diego - Frank calls Doug out as a "Superstar!" - at 17m 16s 'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' review: In S.F., but not of it - "a guy named Doug" Real World SF: We've Seen Porn Stars Less Thirsty - "Doug wins this episode's award for Most Realest"

#teamDOUG takes over

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