Entyme is back in the studio! Recently EN8 aka Nathan Scot opened up a NEW STUDIO space in Los Angeles. We are now working out of both SF AND LA, exciting times! New spaces, new projects, and new mashups all under way! Yes you heard correct, new mashups... MASHUPS ARE NOT DEAD! There have been a few people/publications recently stating that mashups are dead and to those individuals we say SHUT UP, don’t be dumb. Yes, mashups are not the "new thing" anymore but they are still a thing and always will be. Mashups changed the musical landscape forever and we couldn’t be happier! Anyhow, we don't mean any disrespect, but don't be dumb. Ok? Thanks! <3

Check back shortly for updates as ENTYME NEW MASHUPS are coming very soon!
For sneak peeks and early access to new stuff find us both on Facebook...